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Louis Palmer - Inspirational Speaker

Louis Palmer is the first man to drive around the world on solar power, and since then he is a well known motivational speaker. During the journey he always asked the question: How can we maintain our standard of living without destroying our resources? He is always coming up with unusual and surpirising answers, presented with a lot of humour and depth. This makes his speeches so unique and unforgettable.

How to live a vision & how to make dreams come true


Since 15 years Louis Palmer is a succesful adventurer, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He has been invited to more than 400 speeches in 40 countries, and he is talking about realizing visions, building bridges and overcoming obstacles. Focussing on energy, electric mobility and sustuinability, he shows withz his experience that everyone can realize his dreams, if you really want it and don't give up.


Highlights 2013



Around the world on solar power


In 2014, Louis Palmer is going to hold his motivational speech about his solartaxi world tour and how to realize dreams and visions also in cities like Aachen, Chemnitz, Basel, Nürnberg and many more.... More about the presentation


World's largest Electric Vehicle Rallye

WAVE 2015: Saxony-Berlin-Alps

From 12 to 21 June 2014 teams from all over the world will join the 5th WAVE with their electric vehicles and drive across Germany and Switzerland . With this rallye, we want to show that electric mobility is available, reliable and fun! More about the WAVE


Sustainable Tours across Switzerland


Coming up soon: experience Switerland off the beaten paths on bord of the Switchbus. Experience the Alps, taste local fine food and learn about Switzerland on board of this world's first electric bus.